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Successful Weight Loss Requires Taking A Break For Breakfast

By Brenda Skidmore



You really can start to form a new eating habit, that begins improving your overall health today. Regularly eating in the morning, or whatever time of the day you wake up, is one of the most important daily eating habits you will ever learn.

Here is a question for you. How often do you eat breakfast? Do you usually eat breakfast each morning on a regular basis? If not, then occasionally, or hardly ever?

Did you know that eating breakfast soon after you awake from a long period of slumber benefits your body in many different ways? Some of these benefits are well known, while others are yet waiting to be discovered.

Refueling your body after along period of sleep, can be compared to refilling your automobile fuel tank with gasoline after a long trip. When the fuel tank is empty, you simply must refuel your machine, or there will be no beneficial action taking place.

Your body really does need a fresh new supply of glucose, or blood sugar, to support your muscles, brain, and internal organs. Blood also carries the necessary nutrients to help you power up, and support, all of your normal daily movement activities.

Research has always shown us that eating breakfast is, indeed, just as important as your mom told you it was. Breakfast is called the most 'important meal' of the day for several good reasons, a few of which you will be sure to notice are:

1.An increased concentration and memorization capacity towards learning at work or school.
2.Increased energy and productivity in late morning.
3.Increased muscle coordination.

Research has also, positively, indicated that regularly eating breakfast may play a very critical role in the prevention of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Those who have a lower metabolism, which is also known as 'insulin resistance syndrome', usually have one or more of these common characteristic factors, obesity, high abdominal body fat, high blood pressure, high fasting levels of blood sugar or the hormone insulin (which helps your body store glucose).

Having insulin resistance syndrome, in simple terms, means your body is not allowing you to use glucose efficiently. Oftentimes, you will also have problems with high blood fat readings. You will test with higher levels of triglycerides and low levels of HDL, or "good cholesterol".
A good way to turn this situation around, is to read more about the benefits of switching to unprocessed coconut oil, and cooking more of your meals at home.

Having no time seems to be the biggest reason why more people do not eat breakfast. Thinking ahead, like the night before, may help some of you. For those who over sleep and are rushing, take some healthy snacks along to munch on. For those who really are not hungry after rising, and for an hour or two afterwards, start out eating light and more often.

Try not to rely on processed foods, here, and instead focus on protein and fat foods for stick-to-your-ribs- power, and some fresh fruit or veggies for energy. And, if your not to crazy about traditional breakfast foods, then, just don't eat them.

The next question you are probably going to ask is, "then what in the heck do I eat"? I'm sure you would really like to maximize your health benefits, by getting into the routine of eating breakfast, wouldn't you? Just remember, breakfast foods can be left over meal items you may have stored in the fridge.

Eggs, especially, if purchased from a local producer, are excellent sources of protein, healthy omega-3 fat, and lutein and zeaxanthin which are powerful nutritional elements for blindness prevention. Eggs are inexpensive, and can be eaten in a variety of different ways.

Don't care for the taste of eggs, then try including some of these complete protein foods like cheese, beans, unprocessed raw milk, lean meats like turkey, chicken, or fish. You can add a serving of whole grain bread, raw vegetable juice, and some fresh fruit to add a more stabilized energy boost.

Realize, too, that not everyone has the same nutritional requirements. Some of you naturally need more protein in your diet, some need more complex carbohydrates, and yet others need a balance of both to function ideally. You can learn more about nutritional typing at mercola.com.

In conclusion, consider that past and current research indicates, that breakfast eaters also tend to eat less throughout the day. And, as most of the population of most modernized cultures, who have adopted western diets, has some very serious weight problems to conquer.

Does it not make sense, then, to be actively trying to do something proactive to help solve your weight problems, by simply eating a healthy meal to jump-start the beginning of your day? This will give your body the chance to reward you nicely, by giving it the necessary nutrients it needs to perform for you better!

Wash it all down with a big glass of raw milk, fresh juiced fruits and vegetables, or water, and your set. Remember to keep a bottle of water handy through out the remaining hours of your day to help fight dehydration. Let the successful weight loss program begin!

Brenda Skidmore has spent over the last five years actively researching natural health care alternatives. She can attest to the many positive results natural practical cures and preventive strategies bring to human health. Along with the many medical professionals whose published works she has studied, it is her sincere desire to empower others by sharing this important information. To improve your life visit: mywater4life

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