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We all know the merits of milk consumption. But hold on, did you say 'raw' milk?? Yes, of course. Now you will be confused as to what is meant by raw milk. Raw milk is the milk that we get from the cow, buffalo or goat in its unadulterated and unprocessed natural form. It does not undergo the process of pasteurization or homogenization. The milk that is available in grocery stores is processed. That is, it is pasteurized (heated) and ultra pasteurized (heated all over again) to get rid of the bacteria. In this process, sometimes the healthy bacteria also can get destroyed along with the other nutritious substances and enzymes that are present in the milk.

You may have a doubt whether it is safe to drink raw milk. That is quite natural. But if you get your raw milk from a local dairy farm, where the cows are fed healthy grass, then there are no issues of safety. This is what our forefathers drank in olden days, when the new processes like pasteurization were yet to be invented. They never heated their milk, and drank it directly after milking the cow.

Let us now discuss what makes raw milk a healthy option. Raw milk consists of all the 22 essential amino acids and is extremely rich in enzymes. It contains phosphate, which is very necessary for the calcium absorption. Talking of calcium, raw milk is the powerhouse of calcium, so you can easily discontinue your daily dose of calcium supplements.

It is rich in vitamin B12, which is difficult to find in other sources than meat. Along with this, raw milk is also contains vitamins A, B and C. Vitamin A is good for the skin and eyes. Vitamin C is good for building up your immunity. Scientists have found out that raw milk consists of certain enzymes and antibodies that actually hamper the growth of bacteria. It also has lipase, which helps in the digesting fats. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid, which is known to fight cancer, is also present in raw milk.

Now comes the question, will I like its taste? I must tell you it tastes yummy, and has a rich creamy texture, a grade above the milk you get from the grocery store. Obviously, anything natural and unprocessed will taste much better than its processed counterpart. Moreover, it is easy to digest, and is suitable even for those with a weak digestion. What are you waiting for? Rush to your nearest dairy farm and begin a healthy life with raw milk. Tell others you know about it and relish its taste together.

The author is a freelance article writer with articles on varied subjects.

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