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Raw Food Books Are Still Very Popular

By Mike Selvon



The hippies of yesteryear are part of the baby boomers generation, and today some are rapidly entering their golden years. These later years have always been filled with wrinkles, health problems and generally slowing down, but the boomers seem to be hell-bent on holding off the aging process as much as possible. This has made many health related topics very popular, including the lifestyle of living raw and raw food books, which are often found in the possession of boomers that are looking for anti-aging solutions.

There have been, for a number of years, a few raw food books that detailed the approach and the benefits of a raw food diet lifestyle. But recently, there are a greater number of books, websites, newsletters and programs that are centered on such choices. Experts in watching generational trends have attributed much of the growth in this living foods movement to the baby boomer generation because they account for such a large segment of the population and are now in their mid forties to early sixties.

And, this is the stage in life when priorities shift. Boomers are even more interested in slowing down the aging process and are faced with health problems that highlight the need to make changes that will improve health.

A raw food diet, and particularly one that is launched via a raw food detox period, has often resulted in beneficial effects. There are numerous raw food books that detail the main benefits of eating raw foods and follow case studies which illustrate the point.

Books that advocate a "go raw" lifestyle are centered on eating fresh foods in their natural state. They are consumed raw and are not exposed to the cooking process in any way. Raw food cooking can include making the natural foods into purees and juices, but does not include microwaving, baking or cooking on the stove.

Through books that detail the benefits of eating raw food, you will find that the majority of the diet is based on eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are grown organically whenever possible. In addition, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes, and some of the sprouts from them, are a common part of such a regimen. Those who are not following a raw vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can also include fish, meat, eggs and unpasteurized dairy foods such as yogurt, raw cheeses and raw milk.

Most all of the raw food books are filled with many details about the significant advantages and beneficial results that eating raw food can deliver. Just a few of the many benefits of a raw food lifestyle are: weight loss, better energy, better sleep, lowered cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, and many instances of reversal of illnesses. With such a wide array of health benefits, it seems natural that the generation of baby boomers is interested in this lifestyle and deciding to go raw in increasing numbers.

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