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Milk - Does It Help You Lose Weight?



Sure, we've all heard it; milk does a body good. Is it really true, though? Many people believe that milk helps you lose weight, strengthen your bones and even give you plenty of energy to get through your day. Whether it's mainly dairy farmers who have started these rumors or the media, the truth is that these are complete myths. Just like many of the other myths that you will hear about or read about, this is another weight loss myth that is circulating everywhere. Here is some more information about milk and losing weight.

When you buy milk from your grocery store, you are not buying pure milk. You're buying milk that has been pasteurized. This is a process in which milk is boiled and then cooled in order to get rid of any and all germs which are in the milk. Not only does pasteurization get rid of the germs in milk, but it gets rid of the nutrients and vitamins that are originally present in the milk. Enzymes which are in raw milk are quite beneficial to your body, however, those don't come in the pasteurized milk that most people use. It's great to believe that milk is beneficial and helpful but the truth is that we are being fooled. Mothers and fathers encourage their children to drink milk daily and think that they are doing something great for the health of their child, but essentially they are hurting them more than they are doing them any good.

There is more, though. This process also kills helpful antibodies and immunoglobulin which come in raw milk. These things are helpful for fighting diseases. Although this kind of milk is great for you, the pasteurized kind is definitely not good for you. In fact, synthetic vitamins are placed in milk that is pasteurized in order to replace the vitamins that have been stripped out. Synthetic vitamins will never and can never be as good for you as real vitamins and they are often linked to higher risk for diseases. They are chemicals that man has made and that is never good for your body.

There is evidence that milk actually causes you to gain weight rather than lose it. Although we have always been told that milk acts as a weight loss helper, it is not. The more milk you drink, the more weight you will gain. There is also evidence that milk causes skin allergies, cancer, blemish problems, arthritis or joint problems, constipation and more. If you still think that milk is great for you and helps you lose weight, go right out and buy some. However, you may need to read this article one more time.

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