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Lowering The Risk Of Cancer

By Soli Kator



If you are interested in lowering your risk of colon cancer and you are unable to easily secure raw milk, I would encourage you to seek grass-fed, organic, raw milk cheese in your local health food store. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which lower the risk of all types of cancer. What ever may be the case if you had developed breast cancer or have a high risk for developing breast cancer, first thing is do not panic.

Factors that can affect your risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer are called risk factors. Some studies suggest that people who regularly take 140 mg or more of vitamin C have lower risk of developing lung cancer than those who only get 90 mg or less of vitamin C dosage.

Being free of some cancers five years after you have been diagnosed does imply a cure, but it is not the case in breast cancer. Finding cancer in the early stages before it has a chance to spread makes the treatment much easier and the cure rate much higher. Stay away from the trap of focusing on one or two specific foods that claim to "cure" cancer.

Generally women find there are few side effects to this sort of treatment, and if the cancer is still in the early stages, radiotherapy has a good chance of providing a complete cure. It was faith in a product that inevitably helped folks lose weight, or cure cancer, reverse diabetes, re-grow their teeth, or all of the above, and make them a fortune in the process.

Making Changes You Can Continue: So, if you're interested in reducing your breast cancer risk, you need to make some changes to your lifestyle to help protect your health. Chemotherapy may be employed if the cancer has spread outside the prostate in order to shrink the cancer or slow it's growth. In fact, some strong chemicals used for deep peeling, such as phenol, may cause cancer of the skin or side effects.

For example, an ice cream company advertises their support for an environmental movement, or yogurt companies start a campaign to stop breast cancer. There are several potential downsides to PSA testing; for example a high PSA does not always mean a patient has prostate cancer.

Soli Kator


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