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How Can I Locate a Place to Buy Raw Milk?


Once you have decided you'd like to try raw milk for your family, your next obstacle will be finding someone that will sell you the milk.

If you are in one of the states where raw milk sales are legal, this should not be an issue. For example in California you can buy it in the grocery store or health food stores. Not everyone will have it so call ahead to be sure they carry it.

In other states where it is allowed to sell raw milk for animal consumption, you might still find it in some health food stores although you may have to ask for it. And it will always be labeled "for animal consumption only" as per state laws. So you could call around and see if any of your local health food stores sell it.

Another option is a Farmer's Market if you have one nearby. There are some in my area who sell raw milk but the price is pretty high there for some reason. Still, people are willing to pay.

Sites such as Realmilk.com will have a section where you can input your state and check for local sellers of raw milk, but remember that their list is not all-inclusive. The only people/farms listed on there are those that have specifically requested to be added to the list. So even if you take a look there and don't see anyone near you, it doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any farms nearby.

These small dairy farms with raw milk for sale are mostly reputable and you are highly likely to find good honest people just selling their extra milk. Most often what happens is someone decides to get a family cow or two and end up with more milk than they know what to do with. At that point they decide to start selling some simply because they have such a surplus. Most of these small farms are not really in the business of selling milk as a way of making a living.

Still, you must take care and have a look around the property and hopefully see their cows when you visit the farm to buy your milk. No one should have any problem with this. Check that the cows seem healthy and friendly, and you could even take a look at the area where they do their milking. You may also want to ask what they feed their cows.

It may take a little effort to find a source for raw milk in your area but it is well worth the effort.


Did you know raw milk is much more healthy than pasteurized milk?

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